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AI Subtitle Translator supports over 50 different languages. It support srt, vtt, sbv, sub, ass, lrc, smi.

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About AI Subtitle Translator

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    Language Support

    Supports over 50 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

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    Subtitle Format Compatibility

    Supports multiple subtitle formats, including srt, vtt, sbv, sub, ass, lrc, and smi.

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    Free to Use

    Translator is free to use, providing a user-friendly interface for uploading and translating subtitle files.

How to translate subtitle?

  1. Step 1: Upload your subtitle file

    Click "Upload" button to upload your subtitle file. Then, You can preview the subtitle in the table.

    If you want to upload other subtitle file, you can click the "Re-upload" button.

    If everything is okay, click the "Next" button.

  2. Step 2: Choose the language

    Choose the language you want to translate. Then click the "TRANSLATE" button.

    Wait patiently for the subtitle translation to be completed. When the translation is completed, it will automatically jump to the download page.

  3. Step 3: Download subtitle file

    Click the "Download" button to download the translated subtitle file.

Frequently asked questions

What is AI Subtitle Translator?

AI Subtitle Translator is an advanced tool that uses artificial intelligence to translate subtitles from one language to another. It supports a wide array of languages and multiple subtitle formats, making it a comprehensive solution for translating video content for global audiences.

How many languages does the AI Subtitle Translator support?

The AI Subtitle Translator supports numerous languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. For a full list of supported languages, please refer to the language support section on our website.

Which subtitle formats are compatible with the AI Subtitle Translator?

Currently, our AI Subtitle Translator supports the SRT subtitle format. We are working diligently to expand our support to more subtitle formats, such as SSA, ASS, VTT, and others. In the future, we will ensure that you can translate subtitles for most video platforms and players, allowing your video content to reach a wider audience. Stay tuned for our continuous updates and feature enhancements.

Is there a word limit for translations with the AI Subtitle Translator?

Yes, there is a limit; the subtitles to be translated should not exceed 10000 words. This limitation helps ensure our service can efficiently handle translation requests from users.

How do I use the AI Subtitle Translator?

To use the AI Subtitle Translator, simply upload your subtitle file, select the target language, and click the translate button. There's no need to select the original language as our system will automatically detect it. Please note that uploaded file and translated subtitles are not saved on our system, so be sure to download them promptly.

What if the language I need for translation is not listed?

If the language you need for translation is not currently supported, please contact us via email. We will consider adding it to our list of supported languages.

Is the AI Subtitle Translator free to use?

Yes, our AI Subtitle Translator is currently available for users free of charge. We believe in making language translation accessible to everyone, although we may offer advanced features for premium users in the future.

What happens to my uploaded subtitle files?

We do not retain any uploaded or translated subtitle files. Typically, uploaded subtitles are deleted immediately after use. If there is an issue during the deletion process, the subtitle files will be automatically deleted within 24 hours.